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Finally I am 6 foot Tall!!!!

It’s sooo wicked to be chosen and included to present as one of Causewaybay peeps!!  My husband Jason and I are featured in the launch of ‘Hysan 95’ campaign. Also, check out my massive photo (lucky for retouching these days LOL) at Lee Theatre Atrium by UNIQLO.  I always wanted to be taller and finally I am 6 foot tall haha.  My son BBT was mega proud of her BIG Mama on the wall.  I was born in Hong Kong and even though I lived most of my life in England/London I still have such a soft spot for CWB hood!!! I LOVE HK!! Instagram: @gracelamstyle  @jasoncapobiancoPhotography  @hysan95 Youtube/FB:  Grace Lam Style www.grac...
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About Last Night ‘Movers & Cashmere’ HK Designer

Last nite I went to support a new HK Designer brand ‘Movers & Cashmere’.  Founders Bastian & Leslie are no strangers to HK fashion scene.  Slick design with amazing high quality cashmere items.  This collection M&C collaborated with London Designer ‘Charlie May’.  Go check out at VEIN store at Lee Garden One in CWBay.  I LOVE my blue bomber jacket!!! so Cool!! Tonite I will also go and support Mr Alan Chan for his new Killer Rouge lipstick launch.  Alan is the godfather of graphic/product design & this time he collaborated with a Korean beauty brand Park Jinsoo.  Mega cool bullet lippy! Most Wanted!! . Instagram:  @gr...
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