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H&M new collaboration…..Which Brand?!?!

H&M has collaborated from Madonna to Balmain to Lanvin.  This time they are collaborating with…….Moschino!  Fashionista…start lining up….it will be a mega fun one!  8 NOV 2018 launch!! . Instagram:  @gracelamStyle  @hm  @moschino  @jeremyScott . Youtube/FB:  Grace Lam Style . . .
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‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ Youtube Channel Launched on Mother’s Day

I’ve wanted to create a styling show for years but I was too afraid to start. Fear can stop us from achieving life goals but this Mother’s Day I was inspired to put aside my fear to help a young, struggling, single mum named ‘Mavis’. I took her shopping & gave her styling tutorial so that she could have the confidence to strive for her own life goals . GRACE LAM STYLE web series is about helping deserving people gain the confidence they should have through style.  I teach them how to use fashion in a practical but also a stylish way.  1st episode I collaborated with NYC renowned hair stylist @markbustos founder of #beAwesom...
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