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Burberry ‘Here We Are’ HK Exhibition Party

Burberry hit Hong Kong on Friday for its 2nd stop to exhibiton the cool Brits photo exhibition!  Thank You Burberry for dressing me and my husband Jason! That evening was mega hot and I was wearing my lovely thick red Buberry jumper haha (Im willing to suffer for fashion LOL).  The best part was my niece Christy was partying with me & Jason! AWWWWWW big LOVE! Check out the exhibtion this coming week in Hong Kong! . What I wore:  Burberry/maison margiela/ J Crew (I nicked husband’s shirt)/ tory burch/comme des garcons/ joomi lim . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle  @burberry  @jasoncapobiancoPhotography . FB/Youtube:  Grace Lam S...
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Korean Nun Jeong Kwan in HK last night

If you never heard of Jeong Kwan…..well do defo watch Netflix’s Chef’s Table.  It will blow your mind!! Korean Nun Jeong Kwan says she is not a chef but enjoys cooking.  She is so inspiring!! I love her quotes! after I watched her episode it really changed my mind overnight about how I look at creativity and things!!!  Last night it was an honour to have her grace Asia Society.  She gave cooking demo and we even tasted her signature mushroom dish with her 15 & 5 years old homemade soy sauce!  It was such a shame they couldnt get a better Korean/English translator as a lot of what JK said was defo ‘lost in translation’ l...
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