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See You Tomorrow 3rd June F.E.W Conference

Fashion VS Formula One?!?!?  Am I gona meet you all tomorrow?  Find out why I chosen fashion over Formula One as my career.  Today is your last chance to sign up to Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide Hong Kong Conference.  I will be talking fashion & eco fashion tips at 5:10pm.  Join us and meet all the powerful, smart & fun ladies! . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle   @gracelamf1  @femalentrepreneurs . Youtube channel:  Grace Lam (search for Grace Lam Style episode 1) . Snapchat:  gracelamf1 . . .
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Oscar Red Carpet 2017

I love watching the Oscar Academy Awards and religiously each year I watch it LIVE on telly.  This year Best Dressed ladies for me were Chrissy Teigen,  Emma Stone (won Best Actress), Dakota Johnson & Naomie Harris.  I think when stylists recommend a red carpet look it is not about the current trend.  It should be about ‘what style/dress suit the person’.  These ladies have won my ‘Best dressed’ votes!  I am still in shock of what happened when they announced the wrong winner for ‘best picture’ OMG! What a dramatic moment!!!  Thats Hollywood for you LOL.          
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