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Summer Vacation in Australia Yipee!!

finally school is OUT and we are in Perth, Australia to visit the grannies again.  It’s winter here but who cares.  Lots of fresh air, good food, huge spaces for BBT to run around.  LOVE it!!! 3 weeks here probably wont be long enough!!!  Its nice to have a break from HK from time to time. Instagram:  @gracelamStyle Youtube/FB:  Grace Lam Style . .
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From NYC to Perth

I went from New York city to Hong Kong then onto Perth, Australia for our family summer vacation.  Living in a city like HK & also working in the fashion industry I find people very insecure & uber materialistic.  So whenever I visit Perth, it gives me a sense of calmness & a break from negative vibes which the city & people might bring on.  I LUV visiting Perth bcoz: No fashion talk, No pretentiousness, No judging, No showing off, No EGO!!  I can just chill & do sod all! We are here for a few weeks….let the fun begin! . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle   @gracelamf1   @jasoncapobiancophotography . YouTube:  Grace Lam (Grace L...
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