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Support HK Students march for Climate Change

It was the most meaningful event I’ve been to for ages.  Today we were making history with HK students to support them to show concerns for ‘Climate Change is not a lie.  We need to action NOW!’.  My son has been sick all week but he made a signage to show support and of course I went solo to represent him.  This is a huge problem and it concerns all of us esp the next few generations.  It’s a shame there were not many ‘local hk school’ children attending as they probably felt scared if they came today. This is everyone’s problem so let’s take more action!  Use less plastic, Buy less stuff and be mindful when we use...
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With Supermodel Karlie Kloss

From major throwback to few years ago today at Vogue China Beijing party pic with super models Karlie Kloss & Patricia Van Der Vliet……… to supporting Chinese Designer Ms Min red velvet dress for tonight’s Lane Crawford private dinner……. to Tumi event with my stylist friend Ricky…….. to Lantern festival gift from Hermes to Gucci perfume……. to using eco friendly plant based cutlery for my son’s bday party! this is all happening this week. LOL. Instagram:  @gracelamstyle . .
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