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Post Event FashionABLED 1st ever Disabled People Fashion Show in HK

I am so honoured to be one of the fashion judges & fashion director for last Sunday ‘FashionABLED Care & Dare Catwalk’ for disabled community in HK.  We are all busy with our own lives & some people choose to not care about others but I urge everyone to take some time to look around & help those who are less fortunate than us.  These amazingly positive & brave people have set a great example to all of us.  They make me put things into prospective.  All the little 1st world problems we have are pale to comparison with what disabled people are facing every day.  Congrats to JCI HK Jayceettes team for a successful event & Fas...
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GRACE LAM STYLE x FashionABLED Catwalk Show for HK disabled people

When I was in Perth, Australia for my summer vacation I was working on a very meaning project ‘FashionABLED Care & Dare Catwalk Show’ for HK disabled people.  It is not easy for them to find clothes that fit into their lifestyle.  As part of my ‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ Youtube show program, my next collaboration is with JCI HK Jayceettes org and put together a catwalk show this Sunday at Fashion Farm Foundation.  10 x THEI fashion design students design outfits for 10 x disabled people.  I want to bring more awareness to fashion industry everywhere and lets pay more attention to disabled community! I am delighted to be one of th...
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