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Congrats to my friends QiQi 琦琦 & Andre Fu (Architect of Upper House)

TGIF!!!! Weekend is finally here yipeeeee!  I like to say a big Congrats to my 2 friends!  Renowned architect Andre Fu launched his new design collaboration with Tai Ping carpets at Galerie Perrotin HK.  Modern, sophisticated and wicked design.  You can also see Andre’s work at my fav hotel ‘The Upper House’ as he is totally responsible for the whole image & interior of this amazing luxury hotel.  World class indeed! . HK Supermodel QiQi 琦琦 aka actor 任達華 Simon Yam’s wife and I met during my VOGUE China days when I shot the lovely couple many times.  QiQi is always so supportive of me and today she launched her fi...
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Bruce Lee’s birthday

Some friends say I have a boyish character and I should have been born as a guy haha. I like Formula 1 racing and Bruce Lee.  Today is my HERO and Legend 李小龍 Bruce Lee’s birthday! As his fan I want to make a special tribute to the BEST product that ever came out from Hong Kong! Support local talents!  Viva Bruce Lee! Instagram:  @gracelamf1
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