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My 2 fav restaurants at the mo’

My 2 fav restaurant at the moment!  ‘Three Blind Mice’ in WanChai great for Sunday roast (Brit style) it takes me back to my London days…love it! Newly opened ‘Little Bao’ by my friend May Chow.  Great for kids!  Check them Out! Instagram:  @gracelamStyle  @littlebao  @threeblindmicehk . .
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Finally I am 6 foot Tall!!!!

It’s sooo wicked to be chosen and included to present as one of Causewaybay peeps!!  My husband Jason and I are featured in the launch of ‘Hysan 95’ campaign. Also, check out my massive photo (lucky for retouching these days LOL) at Lee Theatre Atrium by UNIQLO.  I always wanted to be taller and finally I am 6 foot tall haha.  My son BBT was mega proud of her BIG Mama on the wall.  I was born in Hong Kong and even though I lived most of my life in England/London I still have such a soft spot for CWB hood!!! I LOVE HK!! Instagram: @gracelamstyle  @jasoncapobiancoPhotography  @hysan95 Youtube/FB:  Grace Lam Style www.grac...
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