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Perth, Australia weekend is here TGIF

Im supposed to be on my vacation since last WED but since I’ve been in Australia, everyday I’ve been working working so I decided to called it a ‘workcation’ instead.  Not sure if it makes much of a difference but at least Friday is here!! Few years ago (I never remember how long we’ve been married or even together LOL…ok Im the bad wifey) I married Jason Capobianco, he is 2nd generation Italiano/Australian.  The Capobianco keeps up their Italiano roots by making homemade dishes often.  Yday I visited some relatives as they were making some homemade salami! OMG how amazing is that! Im truly blessed to be part of The Capo...
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My new short film for Lane Crawford Xmas Special

Christmas is only round the corner!  My husband and I have once again collaborated with Lane Crawford to celebrate this year’s Christmas by producing a family fun short film! After 10 hours of solid practice + too many bruises it is defo not easy to dance like Michael Jackson! Respect to all dancers!  I dont mind looking silly to make you happy!  Check it out!! We hope you like it! Full version pls click on Lane Crawford official website under Discover ‘Get the party started’.   Concept / Styling / Non dancer:  Grace Lam Instagram:   @g...
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Bruce Lee’s birthday

Some friends say I have a boyish character and I should have been born as a guy haha. I like Formula 1 racing and Bruce Lee.  Today is my HERO and Legend 李小龍 Bruce Lee’s birthday! As his fan I want to make a special tribute to the BEST product that ever came out from Hong Kong! Support local talents!  Viva Bruce Lee! Instagram:  @gracelamf1
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