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March Queen Happy Birthday 25 Again!!

Its been a hectic last week Art Basel/Art Central + collecting my ‘STYLIST OF THE YEAR’ award + my 25 Bday celebration (again and again).  Im not a big bday person and I dont fuss about my bday too much….lets face it I am not a kid so why would I get excited about getting old LOL!! However I do love spending time with good mates eating good yummy food though!!  This year I decided to turn down my AMFAR Gala Dinner invite and instead I went to have a quiet dinner at new Tate Dining (by Vicky Lau) with my 2 husbands hee hee.  Pre bday dinner at Mott 32 with my good mate JJ Acuna who’s also a March baby.  It has become an an...
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Bruce Lee’s birthday

Some friends say I have a boyish character and I should have been born as a guy haha. I like Formula 1 racing and Bruce Lee.  Today is my HERO and Legend 李小龍 Bruce Lee’s birthday! As his fan I want to make a special tribute to the BEST product that ever came out from Hong Kong! Support local talents!  Viva Bruce Lee! Instagram:  @gracelamf1
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