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‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ Youtube Channel Launched on Mother’s Day

I’ve wanted to create a styling show for years but I was too afraid to start. Fear can stop us from achieving life goals but this Mother’s Day I was inspired to put aside my fear to help a young, struggling, single mum named ‘Mavis’. I took her shopping & gave her styling tutorial so that she could have the confidence to strive for her own life goals . GRACE LAM STYLE web series is about helping deserving people gain the confidence they should have through style.  I teach them how to use fashion in a practical but also a stylish way.  1st episode I collaborated with NYC renowned hair stylist @markbustos founder of #beAwesom...
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My second Upper House talk with hair stylist Mark Bustos

These days people are busy.  No many people stop to help others but not this young man!  New York based renowned hair stylist Mark Bustos is the stylist for the rich & famous (Phillip Lim is a fan & his long time customer).  At weekend, Mark goes around NYC to give free haircuts to homeless people to give back to the community!  I met Mark on Instagram when friends introduced me to his IG page and instantly I was very touched by his unconditional love to help others so I got in contact with him and we met up in HK.  Mark is the Founder of ‘Be Awesome To Somebody’ movement and a Humanitarian Leader.  What a great guy!  Ch...
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My Upper House ‘Up Close Talk’ with Mark Bustos

If you dont know who Mark Bustos is….you should!  Not only he is an amazing hair stylist based in New York and he is the founder of the brilliant meaningful movement ‘Be Awesome To Somebody’.  Mark will be in Hong Kong next week and I am hosting an ‘Up Close Talk’ with him at my fav hotel The Upper House.  Mark and I will also collaborate for the first time in HK next week.  He will be my 1st guest on my new fashion project ‘Grace Lam Style’.  Its an online platform ‘styling show’ to help underprivileged people in HK where I teach them ‘how to shop’ with limited budget & ‘how to style’ & ‘how to revamp’ and ma...
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