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HK 1st OAMA Campaign shoot for WOMEN

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated yesterday to our first ever Hong Kong OAMA (Once A Mama Always…a Mama) campaign to support miscarriage HK women.  I was honored to be the Art Director for this meaningful cause.  Thanks to the Founder Marina Watt for kind invite.  I was fortunate enough not to have had the miscarriage experience.  Listening to mums that went thru this experience was heart breaking for me.  Whether you had the experience or not….as a woman please support our ladies of HK. NGO ‘OAMA’ is currently raising funds for this great cause.  Spread the Word! Please click and find out more from their offic...
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My boy BBT is 4 today!!! I still remember the first time I held him in my arms and I thought ‘OMG he aint a cute baby, what happened?’ Hahaha.  How time has gone by so fast and he is defo a FINE human being.  I am and never will be the ‘perfect mum’ therefore I never expect to have a ‘perfect son’ either.  BBT will alwaysssssss be my baby, my punk, my omen child, my lit’monkey and above all ‘my loving & dearest son’. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY kiddo. BIG love & hugs from your biggest fans xoxo Mama & Papa We wish you good health, happiness and enjoy life! . Instagram: @gracelamstyle   @jasoncapobiancoPhotography . www.gracel...
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BBT mini Picasso

My son BBT is 3.5 years old already! Time Flies indeed!  He started his Easter vacation last week for 2 long weeks and as a fashion working mum sometimes it is hard to juggle work & family life.  Last week he started his drawing class and I like to share some of his work with you.  As you can tell….I am a proud Mama haha.  Happy Easter everyone!  Dont eat too many chocolate eggs & bunny!! . Instagram:  @gracelamstyle  @gracelamf1 . snapchat:  gracelamf1 . . . .
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