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CONGRATS to my friend Rex Tso 曹星如 22 Wins!!!

Im so thrilled that last night boxing match is over! cos I couldnt watch Rex (曹星如) being hit on his injured head over & over again!  I am not a fan of boxing as I dont like to see people fighting but….of course I have to cheer for our ‘HK Wonder Boy’!  I met Rex in March on my birthday as we were both getting an achievement award from ZALORA.  Rex is the nicest guy & so down to earth! Naturally I am over the moon that he won last night but the fight wasnt easy though.  I wish him a super speedy recovery & take it easy for now!!  I feel for his wife & family as it must be so hard to watch him being punched & hurt.  WEL...
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‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ 2nd episode is coming this week!

After the summer break! finally my 2nd episode of my YouTube web series ‘GRACE LAM STYLE’ is coming this week!  Stay Tuned! Thanks to all my amazing friends & family for your ‘shout out’! Supermodels 杜鵑 Du Juan & Xiao Wen, Lisa S, boxing champion Rex Tso – all my friends from NYC/Japan/Rome/London…LOVE you all! . YouTube:  Grace Lam (GRACE LAM STYLE series) . Instagram: @gracelamstyle  @jasoncapobiancoPhotography . Snapchat:  gracelamf1 . . .   After the summer break 2nd episode 'GRACE LAM STYLE' is coming this week . Youtube: Grace Lam Link to 1st episode in Bio👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 . 🎥 @jasoncapobian...
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Stylist Of The Year Award! OMG!

Aside from Art Basel/Art Central week I was honored ‘STYLIST OF THE YEAR’ Award by Zalora.  I’ve been working in the international & Asia fashion industry for 20 years and it was a great moment indeed!  The highlight of my night wasnt due to the fact that I got an award.  I was more thrilled to meet the World Boxing Champion Mr Rex Tso (曹星如) our very own HK Wonder Boy!  We sat next to each other at the Zalora fashion show and spoke about boxing, family, Formula One racing and of course fashion!! What an amazing, calm and friendly guy!!! 21 straight wins and he has never been defeated!  Good luck in your next boxing ma...
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