I started my meditation journey recently back in HK so naturally when visit Kyoto I wanted to take a hike to the birth place of Reiki practice at “Mount Kurama” 鞍馬山.  Mount Kurama is North West of Kyoto city and it only took half an hour from city via train to get to this amazing zen location.  We basically did a 3.5 hours hike and being unfit my legs were like jelly after the hike haha.  This is what I love about Japan one minute you are in the city which offers many entertainment then the next minute you could take a train ride to another world.  I meditated in front of the ‘3 fold flame’ and hugged a massive sacred tree (800 yrs old) but remember to ask ‘permission to hug’. It felt great!  Its worth taking this hike if you are up for it! Amazing view at the top of the mount and remember to treat yourself to the shaved ice with ice cream its mega delicious!


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Day 5


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