Peter Pilotto cocktail event Peter Pilotto cocktail event Peter Pilotto cocktail eventJeff Koons exhibition Jeff Koons exhibition

JOYCE hosting a cocktail event with London famous duo designer Peter Pilotto.  My husband Jason and I went.  Peter & Chris were in HK for this celebration.  I met Peter when I hosted VOGUE CHINA first ever HK event with London ShowRoom to celebrate London Designers in HK and we became friends after.  I love their collection esp the latest season. Check out at JOYCE!

2nd event that night was the opening of famous artist Jeff Koons exhibition at Gagosian Gallery HK.  LOVE his work!

My sporting outfit by Johanna Ho,  heels by Balenciaga, earrings by Lara Bohinc, silver metal clutch from Tina’s Choice Lee Garden,  rings by Joomi Lim

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