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旅遊分享 – 平靜的台北4日遊

12月中既時候我地去左台北出席好朋友既婚禮~因為好多年都末去過台灣, 所以做完要做既事之後我地就決定多留幾日,周圍逛下, 食下野~ 其實除左間好鬼嚇人既酒店之外 (真係比佢website D相呃晒, 完完全全中了伏+_+)* 成個trip 都係簡簡單單, 好開心的! 我地去既地方都係一D熱門既必去點, 好似去左十分放天燈, 上引水產食壽司, 去左幾個夜市狂食街邊野, 同埋去西門町行下, 影下相~ 其實我通常都唔prefer行程緊密, 用盡每一分每一秘既旅行, 所以咁樣悠悠閒閒, 訓夠先起身既trip我就覺得very good喇~係時候plan定下一個trip lu~ *如果你想知間酒店叫咩名可以add 我instagram (@ezzentrictwee) 然後 direct message 我, 咁你就可以避免中伏喇 😉   x Twee – Fashion blogger, Vintage addict...
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Travel Diary – Phuket 2014 Part Two

Phuket, Jan 2014 Part Two   So sorry for keeping you guys waiting, Part Two of our Phuket Trip back in Jan is finally here! Part One of our travel diary was more about wandering around the Patong area whereas Part Two here is about our little adventure up the coastline~! If you can drive then I highly recommend you to hire a car as there're so many stunning beaches up along the coast, which you can't really get there without a car and are a lot quieter than those popular ones near the town center~ Lying on the sand, sucking coconuts, and watching the spectacular sunset on these hidden beaches were pretty much what we did in t...
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Phuket 2014 – Part One

Phuket, Jan 2014 Part One Last month, Kenze and I celebrated our 10th anniversay in Phuket – one of the most popular holiday destinations. This trip was a sweet little one and was beyond amazing! Snorkling with tropical fishes, sunbathing on a the crisp-white sand, and having yummy hawker food with my one and only, what more could I ask for! Compairing to Chiang Mai and Hua Hin, Phuket is a lot busier! If you're looking for beautiful beaches and night life then I'd defintiely recommend Phuket =) Part two of this trip is on its way, stay tuned 😉   上月是我跟Kenze一起的十週年紀念,我們選擇了到很受歡迎的布吉慶祝這大日子. 這次...
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