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造型分享 – 穿白色的小技巧

– This post is created in collaboration with Repeat Cashmere – 說到夏天最受歡迎的顏色,白色一定是不二之選~當然,如果你的衣櫥是色彩斑斕的話,在夏季你還有很多選擇~好像粉藍或淡粉紅也是不錯的夏天顏色! 但如果你也是跟我一樣是黑白灰控,那白色一定是最好的summer color! 穿全白outfit不是只穿上白色便成事,要穿得完美,當中其實包含著一點點小技巧~ – 1) 外白內裸! 不要攪錯啊!裸是裸色的裸,不是赤裸的裸!所以外白內裸的意思不是叫你穿白色的時候不穿內衣,而是要穿裸色的內衣。除非露出那個黑色bra是你的造型,否則穿白色outfit時都是配上不會浮現的裸色內衣比較會適,這樣能把重點放回你套白色衫上之餘看上去又proper一點。 – – 2) Let it flow~ 香港的夏天真...
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購物分享 – Melijoe.com

Meeting Melijoe.com 我很喜歡童裝, 因為童裝總是比較有生氣! 兩星期前有幸跟 Melijoe.com 的團隊見面~ Melijoe.com 是一所網上的高級童裝專門店, 售賣的牌子包括  Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe, Kenzo等等 而最令我興奮的是Melijoe.com 有很齊全的尺碼,由0-16歲都有!這就是說如果你像我一樣只有165CM高的話,size 16的裙子我們一定穿得下! 我已對這條 Kenzo cloud dress 虎視眈眈了! 誰說成人不可穿童裝? I love looking at kids clothes as they’re inspiring and are always more colourful ! I was so glad to have met the Melijoe team couple of weeks ago! Melijoe.com is an online store specializes on amazing designer baby and kids fashion, designers they are carr...
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Golden Alphabets

    Moschino Leather Shoulder Bag  Moschino Drawstring textured-leather bucket bag   both available at Net-a-porter.com I grew up in the 90s and I remember mum bringing me to the Moschino shop buying the oh-so-hot IT belt for herself. That was how I first met Moschino. I drool over these baggies not just because they're cool, but also because the golden alphabets do bring back a lot of memories =) 成長在90年代的我, 還記得小時候跟媽媽到MOSCHINO店挑選當時可謂 "IT Belt" 的字母皮帶,那是我跟MOSCHINO的第一次邂逅. 喜歡這兩個包包的原因,隨了是因為它們夠型格外,當然也是因為那閃閃發光的金色字粒勾起了我不少童年回憶 =) x Twee Fo...

Come Sooner

MOSCHINO Cheap and Chic Daisy Dream Black Leather bag Otte New York St. Barths Mini Dress  Karen Walker Tortoiseshell Northern Lights Sunglasses  Nike Dunk Sky Hi  Although it's still freezingly cold here in Hong Kong, I am already dreaming about my Spring/Summer essential. Watch me wearing this outfit with two high buns and hot red lips ! Please come sooner Spring!! x Twee Follow me on . Facebook . Instagram . Weibo . Bloglovin' .  
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A Little Princessy

Acne Ace paneled suede, leather, calf hair and nubuck ankle boots, at TheOutNet.com VALENTINO Silk Dress With Flounce Skirt Acne Mix padded leather gilet, at net-a-porter.com Acne Pearlescent square-frame acetate sunglasses, at net-a-porter.com Acne Vanessa Logo clutch Happy boxing day everyone!! How's your holiday been so far? Mine wans't anything fancy at all but spending the whole Christmas eve playing UNO Stacko with friends and the Christmas day with family at home were fun enough =) So have you planned your outfit for New Year's Eve yet? I guess mine will be something grungy yet a little princessy. What about yours? ...
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