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旅遊分享 – 墨爾本最好的騎馬體驗

到墨爾本除了可以欣賞到街上的street art或在跳蚤市場尋寶外,當地的自然風景和野生動物都是不可錯過的。想同一時間欣賞這兩樣東西,最好的方法使是去騎馬~! for English version, go to www.EZZENTRICBLOG.com 我自小就很喜歡騎馬,而且在 Melbourne 住了一段長時,所以Melbourne四周圍有馬騎的farm我也去過~試過這麼多間,最好我始終都是位於 Upper Plenty 的 Uncle Nev’s !現在每次回Melbourne, 我都必定會到那裡騎個馬。 我想Uncle Nev’s 最吸引人之處在於他們的員工非常友善,而且他們的馬兒亦十分溫馴易騎~ Uncle Nev’s 距離 Melbourne 市中心只需大概1個小時車程, 十分適合不習慣開長途車的朋友們。 相比起其他riding farm, 我覺得Uncle Nev’s比較貼心,因為他們會因應...
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Travel Diary – Phuket 2014 Part Two

Phuket, Jan 2014 Part Two   So sorry for keeping you guys waiting, Part Two of our Phuket Trip back in Jan is finally here! Part One of our travel diary was more about wandering around the Patong area whereas Part Two here is about our little adventure up the coastline~! If you can drive then I highly recommend you to hire a car as there're so many stunning beaches up along the coast, which you can't really get there without a car and are a lot quieter than those popular ones near the town center~ Lying on the sand, sucking coconuts, and watching the spectacular sunset on these hidden beaches were pretty much what we did in t...
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