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衣著分享 – Winter Couple Outfit

這名男子很面熟嗎? 你可能會在我的 travel post 或 instagram 偶爾見過他,但除此之外他絕少出場,因為他通常都是躲在相機後方的那一位…他的名字是 Kenze ,是我的 another half , 而這個是我們第一次一起拍的outfit shoot 🙂 所謂的Couple Outfit , 也可理解為情侶裝 , 但情侶裝不一定要一模一樣 (最好不好!因為倒模般的couple outfit會令人吃不消!) . 要跟另一半營造一個和諧又不俗氣的情侶裝,可從色調, 衣服的cutting, 或風格出發. 大家可跟伴侶試試一起glamorous 或 齊齊minimal~ _____________________________________________________________________ You minght have seen this man in some of my travel post but not so often elsewhere as he’s the one who’s always behi...
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American Eagle Oufitters “Live Your Life” Style Jamming

{ Timberland Denim Shirt // Supre Bralet //  Vintage Leather Shorts // Pedder Red Slip On Sneakers } American Eagle Oufitters "Live Your Life" Competition I had the absolute pleasure of being the guest stylist and blogger for American Eagle Outfitters' "Live Your Life" style competition over the weekend. Alongside four other super cool and talented Hong Kong bloggers – Visala from V is for Visala , Fa Fa from Hippy Monday , Elma form Elma Li Conve , and Carrie from Carrie Bloomwood – we worked as guest stylists on the day to help the contestants to put together outfits. We only had 20 mins to go around the shop and pick th...
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Baggy Lady

  { Ottoman Rib Tube Top , courtesy of American Apparel // Ezzentric Topz Vintage Levis Boyfriend Jeans // Koumi Koumi Espadrille Flats, courtesy of Zalora // Factorie Felt Hat } I enjoyed myself in this getup – something I spent the least time to put together but turned out to be one of the most comfortable and functional outfits. I think it's a good balance between femininity and masculinity, what do you reckon ? p.s. loving this little pier~ I am too luck to have it right next to my place =P x Twee Follow me on . Facebook . Instagram . Weibo . Bloglovin' .  
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