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旅遊分享 – 百到不厭的曼谷

” If you can’t think of anywhere to go, just go to Bangkok. ”   Bangkok, a place where we travel to at least once a year and it never disappoints us. We love everything about this city – the temples, the food, the people, the message, the shopping, etc. and we can never get enough of it. We’ve done something quite different this time. On day one, we went go-karting in the middle of the city and it was super fun! We had also attended a cooking class at Sompong Thai Cooking School where we’ve learnt four traditional Thai dishes. Call me a Thai home cook now!! lol On day 2, after stopping by our favourite floating cafe RIV...
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旅遊分享 – 曼谷的Issaya Siamese Club

– 曼谷的另一面 –     跟很多香港人一樣,曼谷就好像我的第二個家,不每年去一次就好像滿身不自在一樣。 每一次到曼谷,其實我都只在兩大個目標 – 一,就是 Chatuchak weekend market ,二,就是要吃無窮無盡的街頭小吃和粉麵!所以每一次出走曼谷,我都不太需要plan些什麼,只要確定酒店和機票都訂好,我便可以輕鬆出發。 但今次,終於有點不同!終於,我走出了自己的comfort zone, 去試了一家我平常一定不會去試我餐廳。那當然,這也不是我自己發掘的,而是好朋友Pony介紹的~   Issaya Siamese Club 是一家非常有特色的泰國餐廳 – 坐落於一所有一百年歷史,樓高兩層, 充滿著殖民色彩的大宅內,這所餐廳在外觀上已令人嘆為觀止! 而 Isaaya Siamese Club的總廚 Chef Pongta...
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