“A little surprise for the birthday boy”


It was Kenze’s birthday earlier this month and instead of buying him presents, I’ve surprised him with a trip to Kenting, Taiwan and bought him a AIDA2 free diving course. It was super super hard to keep the secret when we’re living together and even sharing the laptop. On the night before we fly out, I surprised him but I could tell that he kind of knew it already! Oh gosh! Am definitely not a good surprise maker XD!

It was both of our first time to Kenting so apart from the rather intensive freediving course ( let us share more about that with you guys in the next post ), we also spent quite some time exploring this lovely little holiday town. I’d say Kenting is sort of like a hybrid of Phuket and Okinawa – you get both the well-preserved marine life and yummy street food there.

We were there for five days and on our third day, we got some time off from our diving lesson so we took a stroll before heading to the night market for dinner and came across this beautiful beach – the Nanwan beach. As we’re quite tired from diving already, we didn’t do much at the beach but just chilling around, snapping photos, and most importantly, enjoying our time doing absolutely nothing together!

We really can’t wait to share our underwater experience with you all so stay tuned!


Twee & Kenze

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