Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island, Okinawa

Okinawa – a place where Kenze and I have been long-awaited for. Blue sky, crystal clear water, and endless sunshine are what we’re expecting from this beautiful little island. Though we went there during winter, the weather was still perfectly warm and bright when we arrived, which had definitely made a perfect start of our trip! After we landed from our two hours’ flight, we went to pick up our rental car. Our journey began from there.

About an hour drive up towards the west coast of Okinawa, we’ve reached the Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island – a beautiful hotel located on a lush private island, blessed with an azure ocean view.

We received some warm welcomes from the door staff and then we handed our car to them for valet parking. The architectures and interior at Hyatt Regency Seragaki were very sleek, modern, and stylish yet the atmosphere there was very cozy and all the staff were super welcoming! I especially love their Christmas decoration!

The main reason of us going to Hyatt regency Seragaki was to try out their brand new getaway package – the URIZUN Retreat Getaway Plan (available from 14th Jan 2019). The word “URIZUN” refers to the earth as refreshing and moist; with fresh new life, young leaves blooming and flowers adding color. This getaway package is designed to help us to regain and discover our new self with the power of the indigenous nature of Okinawa.

This is a two-day-one-night package and it’s kick-started with a spa treatment. After an early flight and a long drive, nothing was better than starting our holiday with a relaxing and soothing spa treatment at Spa Hanari.

Starting with a cup of dragon fruit tea to warm up the body, supplemented with an Okinawa herbs infused bath, a 75 minutes’ warm herbal ball massage, followed by a cup of detoxing shell ginger tea at the end of the spa treatment, we had never felt so refreshed before.

Our first day in Okinawa was definitely chill and relaxing! After the spa treatment, Kenze and I wandered around the hotel for a bit, checked out their mini market which sells sweets, drinks, and some souvenirs, and then it’s already dinner time

In the Urizun package, a healthy and traditional Okinawan dinner “Shinjimun”m was included. The recipe of this dinner was filled with Okinawa vegetables, herbs, and seaweed. These mineral-nich ingredients were considered as beauty food that balance our mind and body, which was so perfect for us who had been traveling for the whole day! There were 6 dishes included in the set, I love the warm Mozuku seaweed vinaigrette and the Boroboro Jyushi ( Okinawan herb, fuchiba and pork congee ) but I have to say that the yam dessert was definitely my favourite! As we’re quite hungry that night, we’ve also tried their Robata. We had such a great time enjoying the food and watching the chef cooking in front of us, it was like watching art performance!

After a very good sleep, we woke up pretty early the next day for an 8am yoga class which was also part of the Urizun package. Kenze and I usually have early work out session with our PT on every Saturday so waking up early for exercise wasn’t a problem to us at all. Not only was the yoga class itself great but the view from the yoga room was also breathtaking!

Followed by the refreshing yoga class was an International buffet breakfast. I especially love the Japanese section from the breakfast! Mozuku seaweed and tofu on rice were my favourite!

We’re also very busy checking our all the imstagrammable spot at the hotel! The Chapel was something we loved and the water-basin outside the restaurant was very photogenic too!

Before we check out, we fed ourselves with the beautiful tea set at the Lobby Lounge. We even ordered champagne to make it a little celebration of our Okinawa trip!

It has been a very pleasant stay with Hyatt Regency Seragaki Island! We’ll definitely go back again during summer time so that we can enjoy their beach and sea water swimming pool too!


Twee & Kenze

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