Design Market PMQ 01

自上兩星期出席完Design Market @PMQ的Industry night之後,我便萬二分之期待香港的第一個設計市集~望穿秋水……第一次的Design Market終於在陽光和微風的襯托下,於剛剛過去的星期日完滿舉行! 如果你錯過了,不要緊! 因為我現正準備帶你穿越時空,回到幾日前,睇睇究竟 Brand X 的Simon 和 Kim同FASHIONALLY這次的合作帶給我地幾多歡樂。


Remember how oh-so-super-excited I was about our first designer market in Hong Kong at the Design Market @PMQ industry night couple of weeks ago? The first Design Market was finally held at PMQ under the beautiful weather with great success last Sunday. I’ve had so much fun at the market! Don’t worry if you have missed the first one as I am now bringing you back to the market to see what Kim Hoang, Simon Lock (the proud dads of the Design Market from Brand X) and FASHIONALLY had brought us!

Design Market PMQ 07

Design Market PMQ 09

112 Mountain Yam’s Canvas Bag

Design Market PMQ 03

Flux was doing well with sale huh!

Design Market PMQ 04

FASHIONALLY zone, located at the entrance. HONG KONG PRIDE!

Design Market PMQ 11

Love DEMO. ‘s clean and simple decoration

Design Market PMQ 13

Design Market PMQ 14

These shades by Kenax Leung can’t get any cooler!

Design Market PMQ 15

Design Market PMQ 08

The indoor section of the market showcasing International designers as well as food and drinks

Design Market PMQ 16

Blind by J.W ‘s signature origami clutches

Design Market PMQ 12

Design Market PMQ 17

The coolest FASHIONALLY designers

Design Market PMQ 06

我想沒有太多其他市集比起集音樂,飲食,和海內外設計師於一身的更好玩吧! 第二次的Design Market @PMQ x FASHIONALLY將會於8月24日, 即今個星期日再次舉行。 如果你上一次未能參與,今次就千萬不要錯過喇!約定你的閨蜜去逛逛這個時尚的本地設計市集。 星期日,撐香港,都唔一定要去遊行嘅 ~


Music, drinks, local and International designers, and ice stick! I mean what more can we ask for? The second round of Design Market @PMQ x FASHIONALLY will be held on this coming Sunday, 24th Aug. If you couldn’t make it to the last one, you should then save the date and get your friend together for the second one! Sunday is about having real fun; Sunday is about supporting our local talents =)




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