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我時常都希望香港也能有自己的設計市集(design marke) ,而今個夏天我終於夢想成真了! 由今個暑假開始,設計市集@元創方(DESIGN MARKET@PMQ)將會定期在位於蘇豪區荷李活道的元創方 ( 前身為已婚警察宿舍,現已被改造成城中的創意集中營)舉辨 ! 設計市集@元創方 的第一炮會在8月17及24日連續兩個星期日舉行. 說到第一炮, 當然是要重搥出擊啦! 除了邀請了20個本地及海外品牌參與這兩天的市集外, 主辦單位還會與 –  全港唯一一個重點介紹本地時裝和發掘香港青年設計師發展的網上平台- 合作, 重點推界10個於FASHIONALLY中表現得非常出色的本地時裝品牌。

而上星期五晚,設計市集@元創方便在上環 The Space舉行了一個業界晚聚 並 邀請了多位在香港時裝界具影響力的人物出席。小女子亦有幸被邀請出席參與這次盛事。 這晚聚會既華麗又輕鬆~我一邊喝著雞尾酒,一邊跟一班活力十足的FASHIONALLY設計師閒聊著, 當中包括了 KENAXLEUNG , KURT HO , NELSONBLACKLE , DEMO , MODEMENT , 和 112 MOUNTAINYAM , 真的十分開心! 可惜 BLIND BY JW , CHEWTHECUD , FLUX, 和 LAPEEWEE 那晚未能出席, 一起盡興, 所以我十分期待在設計市集和所有設計師一起再玩過~! 當晚,我也很高興能認識BrandX 的 Mr. Simon Lock, 他是悉尼時裝週的創辦人, 亦正是設計市集@元創方的發起人! Simon 跟我談到發起設計市集是為了推廣本地文化,而今次與FASHIONALLY合作是因為大家都本著同一理念,希望能把本地設計品牌推至一個更廣的層面, 讓更多普羅大眾能認識, 欣賞, 及支持本地創作。 真的要講句: ”Simon, 香港好在有你!”



I am a big fan of design market and am always wishing for our very own one here in Hong Kong. Guess what! My dream finally comes true! From this summer, the DESIGN MARKET @ PMQ will bring everyone a regular Sunday buzz at PMQ (former Policeman’s Married Quarters, now the newest creative hub) in Soho, Central. The first series of Design Market will be held on two consecutive Sundays, 17th and 24th Aug. Since it’s the first series, they are making it real big! While 20 local and International brands have already been invited to participate the first two markets, Design Market will also hold hands with – the one-and-only website that shares latest news of Hong Kong fashion designers, fashion trend, brand stories, and the Hong Kong Young fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) – to feature 10 of FASHIONALLY’s most talented young local designers. 30 different brands altogether on a Sunday market, how exciting is that!

Last Friday, Design Market @ PMQ hosted an Industry Showcase night (first ever of its kind in Hong Kong) at The Space, Sheung Wan. I was totally honoured to be invited as a guest writer for to write about such an important event in the fashion industry. Drinking beautiful cocktail and chit-chatting with our young and energetic FASHIONALLY designers including KENAXLEUNG, KURT HO, NELSONBLACKLE, DEMO, MODEMENT, and 112 MOUNTAINYAM throughout the night was absolutely fun! It was a shame that BLIND BY JW, CHEWTHECUD, FLUX, and LAPEEWEE weren’t free to be there but I can’t wait to see them all at the Design Market. It was also my pleasure to get to know Mr. Simon Lock from BRANDX, who’s the founder of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia as well as theproud dad of Design Market @ PMQ. Simon told me that the aim of Design Market is to help promoting Hong Kong culture as well as to assist emerging local design talents to get out to the public. Having the same motto as FASHIONALLY, Simon believes that collaborating with for the first two markets will achieve twice the result with half the effort… Wow! I really appreciate that Simon!

Not only did thisindustry night give emerging designers the opportunity to meet some key industry figures and to get a better insight of the fashion Industry, but it had also created a media buzz for our very first Design Market.

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Simon Lock from Brand X giving his speech

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With Chloe from and Fashion Stylist and Blogger Jasmine Smith

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Kenax Leung showing me his latest collection

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Derek of DEMO introducing his design

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Chit-chatting with Simon and Chloe

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With The designer gang (from left to right: Nelson of Nelson Blackle, Kurt Ho, Mountain Yam, Derek of DEMO, Kenax Leung) and hair stylist Tim Wong

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With Aries of Modement

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IMG_8356 拷貝

記緊啊! 設計市集@元創方的第一炮將分別於8月17和24日兩個星期日舉行。 到時記緊帶同親朋好友, 姨媽姑姐一齊去


Don’t forget to mark it down on your schedule that the first two Design Market @ PMQ is on Sunday, 17th & 24th August 2014. Bring your friends and family there for some serious fun and stay tuned with me for more about this rather exciting market!


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