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在銅鑼灣的大街上Vidal Sassoon 的團隊為你的頭髮造形?對!在大概兩星前,我便在VS的Zero Gravity Mobile Salon上體驗了一次!專程遠道由上海飛來香港,為這輛流動Salon車進行掲幕的 VS Creative Leader Jessica Kramm 當天為我的頭髮試上了VS最新出的Velvet Style Starter, 亦即是我們最近常常聽到的頭髮CC Cream!我是每天都要把頭髮燙直的,Jessica 發現我的頭髮都帶點毛燥,而且因為香港我天氣很潮濕,所以我們的頭髮都會感覺比較重. 在造型時,Jessica先幫我燙直頭髮,然後就在髮尾塗上CC Cream. 只須不到一分鐘,我的頭髮已經變得像絲一樣順滑而且輕盈(看看尾二的那張相便知我的頭髮有多滑!)我很高興我能登上VS這輛Truck Salon及試用了他們的CC Cream, 我的頭髮說:「這是其中一個最開心的星期六」:)

Having your hair styled by the Vidal Sassoon team in the middle of the busy street in Hong Kong? Yes! That’s what I did few weeks ago up at VS Zero Gravity Mobile Salon . I was lucky enough to have Jessica Kramm, the creative leader of Vidal Sassoon Shanghai to style my hair with VS latest Velvet Style Starter, which is also know as hair CC cream. As I straighten my hair all the time, Jessica noticed that it is a bit frizzy and because of the humidity in Hong Kong, Jessica said that our hair always looks heavier than it should be. During the styling session, Jessica first straightened my hair like what I do everyday and then applied a hazelnut size of the Velvt Style Starter to my hair . Within a minitue, my hair turned silky smooth but at the same time it stay pretty light weighted (like…I ain’t joking! see how smooth my hair looked in the second last picture!). I am glad that I have boarded this freaking cool truck salon and have tried on the seriously handy CC cream for hair. “That Saturday was really well spent!” said my hair =)

Special thanks to Viss

All photo take by Kenze , edited by Twee

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