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大家星期日好! 星期日對大家來說有什麼特別的意義呢?是喜歡睡到幾點就幾點的一天?是和家人聚餐的一天?還是去看電影的一天? 對於我來說星期日是沒有計劃的一天~只要腦海裡閃過什麼念頭我便會去做, 這可以是跟朋友去brunch,可以是跟男友和小狗去行山, 更可以是什麼也不做,待在家中”攤屍”. 至於星期天的衣著方面,我間中也會在毫無原因之下”著靚D” (其實”著靚D”需要理由嗎?) 但大部份的週日我都會選擇黑白色而又舒服的衣服因為當我正處於”放假關機mode”的時候, 搭配顏色的能力也會相對地下降,所以為免出什麼差池,黑白色永遠都是我星期天的首選! 你的週日outfit又是怎樣的呢?

Wearing:  h&m top | Giordano Shorts | Steve Madden Ecentric Slip On Sneaker | Balenciaga Bag | Monki Sunglasses

Photo by Kenze, edited by Kenze


Happy Sunday peeps! What does Sunday mean to you? Sleeping in? Family lunch? Movie afternoon?… Sunday always means “no planning” to me~ I basically do whatever comes into mind, it can be having brunch with whoever is free, hiking with my man and my baby dog  if the weather is good, or just stay at home and do nothing. In outfite-wise, it is also whatever~ I occasionally dress up on a Sunday for no reason ( we don’t really need a reason to dress nice, do we?) but for most Sunday, I just go for the most comfortable monochrome pieces as it can be a bit dangerous to style colours when you’re in a shout down mode…I don’t want to be looking like a hilarious clown so sticking with black and white is my no. 1 option ! What’s your favourite outfit for Sunday?

Wearing:  h&m top | Giordano Shorts | Steve Madden Ecentric Slip On Sneaker | Balenciaga Bag | Monki Sunglasses

Photo by Kenze, edited by Kenze

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