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哪個女生不愛花?在花海中shopping,聽起來好像有點瘋狂吧,但這正是發生於澳門的金光名店區中!澳門金光名店區 是亞洲其中一個最大的免稅豪華購物目的地,今個7月,金光名店區變身成了一個「花樣盛放」的大花園,更展開長達兩個月的購物狂歡節和腕錶珠寶展,展出包括了Bvlgari, Montblanc, Rolex, Breguet…等的華麗品牌,為遊客們打造一個夢境般的購物體驗!


Flowers, I love flowers! I mean, who doesn’t? What about shopping at one of the largest shopping malls in Asia surrounded by artistic floral arrangements? That sounds insane! But that is exactly what is happening at Shoppes Macao at the moment. Shoppes, the renowned luxury duty-free shopping destination in Macao – Vegas of the east – transforms the unique destination into a wondrous scene of floral paradise and gives shoppers exclusive access to the most coveted brands such as Bvlgari, Montblanc, Rolex, Breguet, etc.

I was totally honoured to be invited by Shoppes to experience a luxurious and flowery shopping journey at one of their three shoppes – Shoppes at Venetian. So here is how I began…

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Parmigiani 試戴他們的腕錶


Being naughty at Parmigiani


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IMG_1669 拷貝


Breguet 的服務態度非常好!

Excellent customer service at Breguet

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真的很喜歡這個 Montblanc 的公事包!

I just couldn’t get my hands out of this cool Montblanc briefcase


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今次在 Omega 試的不是錶,而是手飾 🙂
Not watches this time! Trying jewelry at Omega


哎喲!那個 Bvlgari 的包包!!

And that Bvlgari bag!

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IMG_2276 拷貝

「花樣盛放」會一直舉行至7月底. 在「花樣盛放」的季節期間,金光名店區會推出春夏推廣活動,回饋各位消費者!詳情可留意澳門金光名店區的 facebook page. 很期待你們在 Instagramfacebook 分享你們跟花海的自拍照和血拼我成果!!!

All photos by Kenze

In full Bloom will last till the end of July and during this crusade, there are some really sweet rewards for shoppers! Check out what they are at Shoppes Macao’s facebook page ! I can’t wait to see all you posting beautiful pictures of the lovely floral decorations and showing off your bags of shopping from Shoppes on Instagram and facebook !

All photos by Kenze



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