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大家星期六好!這個星期過得好嗎?準備好觀看明晚世界杯的世紀之戰了嗎??經過了三日馬不停蹄的香港時裝節 後, 今天終於可以停下來, 換上條舒舒服服的夏天裙和波鞋, 跟我的寶貝小狗去散一下步!提到夏天裙, 我永遠都不會嫌多~所以我無時無刻都會在尋找新的裙子! 最近我便在 Lily Brown 找到了這條充滿復古味道的連衣裙. 裙上的鸚鵡和菠蘿圖案可說是最開心,又最適合夏天的! 其實穿著可愛的動物和生果prints真的能令我們的週末錦上添花!


Happy Saturday peeps! How’s your week been so far? Are you all ready for the World Cup final? After the hectic three days of Hong Kong fashion week, I can finally wind down a bit, throw on a comfortable summer dress and sneakers, and to hang out with my baby! Speaking of summer dresses, I can never have enough so I am always out there searching for new ones. I am so glad that I’ve come across this lovely, rockabilly-inspired Lily Brown dress recently! The tropical parrots and pineapple prints are the happiest and may be the most appropriate pattern for a bright sunny summer day~! Any dress with cute animal and/or fruit print will just make your weekend perfect!!
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I also love the little cut out detail at front and the halter neck design, these two features have added a healthy amount of sexiness to this little party dress!

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我現在要出去跟 Vidal Sassoon 來一個好玩的體驗, 想知有幾好玩? 記緊留意我的 FACEBOOK  INSTAGRAM 啦啦啦啦啦啦!!!!!


Am now heading out to do something fun with Vidal Sassoon, stay tuned with me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to see what will my Saturday be like with VS !See you all soon!


All Photo by KENZE

I am wearing: Lily Brown Dress | Monki Sunglasses | Converse Sneakers | 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment

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