Theresa & Mayo & Zoe


Kate Spade Hong Kong Fashion Influencers Gathering

上星期有幸被邀請出席kate spade 的blogger 聚會~這次不但能跟多位fashion 及beauty bloggers聚一聚,kate spade 更安排了Puff Terrariums 為我們教授密封盆栽的做法!


我幫我的盆栽改了個名,叫做 ” Kate Spade got lost in the jungle ” 而這當然是一個色彩繽紛的jungle 啦!為什麼? 因為我們都喜歡 Travel Colorfully ~
(有用instagram 的朋友也可把你跟你心愛的kate spade包包的合照加上#travelcolorfully 這個 hashtag 啊! )

3rd picture: 是我跟mellowmayo.com 的Mayo 和normalchic.com 的 Zoe 啊~~

I was totally honoured to be invited to Kate Spade‘s Fashion influencers gathering last week. Not only was it a fashionistas gathering, but it was also a fun and happy terrariums building session with Puff Terrariums !My terrarium turned out looking…mmmm……alllright I think =P

I call it “Kate Spade got lost in the jungle” , a colourful jungle that is ~ Why? Because we all love to #travelcolorfully =)

In the 3rd Pic: Me with Cutest Mayo from mellowmayo.com and Sweetest Zoe from normalchic.com