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有趣古怪的大prints是近期大熱! 由Au Jour Le Jour, 到 Alice McCall, 到ASOS, 四處都可以見到玩味print 的蹤影! 這些print就好像穿得上身的靈丹妙藥 , 穿了好像能立刻把身上的負能量一掃而空!


Twee’s 對玩味print的小貼士
– 在配搭誇張玩味print的時候,最好配上淨色的單品,例如 有print的上衣配淨色的裙子 或是淨色的上衣一配以print 下身 (對, 就是這麼簡單!) . 盡量不要把兩個誇張的prints撞在一起,除非你是Susie !

我要去搜羅更多好玩的圖案單品了~! 好好Enjoy你們的星期四 =)


Quirky and big prints have been HUGE in fashion lately! From Au Jour Le Jour, to Alice McCall, to ASOS, fun and cheeky prints are everywhere! These prints are like wearable happy pills – put them on and all negative vibes will just vanish like they have never exist . This cloud skirt I am wearing here may not be the most eye-catching one but it’s defintely vibrant enough to keep my energy bar full for the whole day =)

Twee’s style tips for exaggerate prints
– pair prints up with something plain e.g. printed top with plain skirt or plain top with printed bottom (yep, it’s that easy!) . Try to avoid clashing two different prints , unless you’re as daring as Susie ~!

Am off to hunt for more printed pieces ~! Have a lovely Thursday!

Photo by Kenze

{ h&m Cropped singlet, similar here // Pedder Red Leopard Slip On Sneakers, similar here }



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