大家好嗎?!我終於可以貼出這outfit post了……這上個street snap 其早在一個月前已拍了。近來都在忙網店的事兒,但我保證我會勤力一點,post多一點outfit〜 !我現在只希望香港的天氣可以好一點, 這樣我便可以做更多的街拍(已經都下了多少日雨了?! )

無論如何,讓我們談談這個outfit吧〜 !如果你喜歡oversize的服裝那麼我敢肯定你一定會像我一樣喜歡穿著boyfriend shirt ! 。Boyfriend shirt 是我衣櫃不可缺的款式,我大愛boyfriend shirts 因為他們實在是太容易配襯了。就好像這件的條紋shirt和這牛仔布的boyfriend shirt,我都已經穿過不下26795次! 從fashion event到遊船河,他們都不會令我失望!

以下是一些配襯boyfriend shirt的ideas

– 可以以boyfriend shirt 搭配華麗點的peplum裙子(像這條) ,一對玩味的坡跟涼鞋(像這雙) ,和一個有趣的box clutch(像這個

– 任何顏色的超大boyfriend shirt( 這一件也不錯吧!) ,配上一對slip on sneakersconverse,和一個小側袋(像這個3.1 Phillip Lim的). 別忘了還要戴上太陽眼鏡,這個look才算完美= )

希望你們喜歡我的分享〜 !不要忘記follow 我們的FacebookInstagram啊!

Hello peeps, I can finally get this outfit post up here…which had actually been snapped almost a month ago. I have been quite busying with the store lately but I promise I will post outfit posts more often~! I only wish that weather in Hong Kong can be less nasty so that I can do more street snaps (it has been pouring for god knows how many day now!)

Anyway, let’s talk a bit about this getup~! If you like oversized clothing then I am pretty sure you’ll love wearing boyfriend’s shirt as much as I do. Boyfriend shirts are my no. 1 wardrobe staple and I always fall back to them as they are way too easy to pair with. Like this striped shirt in this post and this denim one HERE, I have already worn them for 26795 times, from fashion event to junk trip,  they just work like a magic eveytime and I never get sick of them!

So here are some ideas on how we can style boyfriend’s shirt

– team a denim boyfriend shirt with a dressy peplum skirt (like this one),  a pair of quirky platform wedges sandals (like this one ) , and a fun box clutch ( like this one )

– Just a super oversized boyfriend shirt in any colour (maybe this one?), a pair of  slip on sneakers or converse, and a cross body bag (like this 3.1 Phillip Lim one). Oh yah, don’t forget to put on a cool pair of sunglasses to complete the weekend look =)

Hope you guys like my share~! Stay tuned and follow us on facebook and instagram !

Photo by Kenze

{ Kenze’s Hugo Boss Shirt // Pink Leather Penicl Skirt, c/o American Apparel // Checap Monday Wedges Booties }

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