Denim on Denim (牛仔配牛仔) 是我最的最愛組合但老實說這個搭配有時候可以變得蠻沉悶沉悶從來就不是我的朋友, 所以要遠離它我便配了些紅色的格子,為這個Denim look 添上了亮點

我認為牛仔布的易配程度黑白色是有過之而無不及! 所以當要為你的denim look加上色彩時我們並不一定耍配紅色格子,其實任何其他顏色/圖案/紋理,只要你能想到的也可以! 例如這種棕櫚樹印花上衣這個有趣的菠蘿T-shirt 也能為我們的denim on denim look 添上活力 =

還未棍到今個週末穿什麼的朋友,希望這次的分享能為你們帶來一些啟發祝大有個愉快的週末 😉


Denim on denim is one of my most favourites ensembles but to be honest , it can easily turn into something quite boring sometimes. Boredom is not really a friend of mine (has never been really) so to stay away from it , I have added some red plaid to brighten this denim outfit up.

I reckon denim is as versatile (or even more versatile than I dare say ) as black and white so for that pop of colour, it doesn’t have to be red plaid, it can be any other colour/pattern/texture you can think of , for instance, this palm tree printed top and this fun pinapple t-shirt  will also add possitive vibes to your denim on denim outfit=)

I hope my share can give you some idea on what to wear this weekend~! Wish you all a happy Friday and Staurday! ;)


Photo by Kenze

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