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{ Canon 5D Mark III // Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, similar one HERE //  

Kenze's GAOKI X-GAME V2 Sports Camera //  

A quick hi hi from today~! I am not very good at creating flat-lay but am pretty proud of this one, which i took when packing for Phuket as part of the documentation for the trip. Do let me know if you're a flat-lay master, I'd love to hear some tips from you 😉

Sorry for such a short one as I have been busy working on couple of exciting projects lately but do stay tuned! More fun outfit posts and second part of my travel diary will be up soon 😉


這幾天也有點忙所以今天就只能寫這麼短短的,真的不好意思! outfit posts 跟phuket travel diary 的part 2 也會在這幾天和下星期陸續刊登出來,要密切留意啊 =)



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