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Another island in the Îles d’Hyères is Porquerolles, located close to Port-Cros. This island is another picturesque escape surrounded by robust cliffs and tranquil beaches. There are more options for accommodation on this island, which makes it much more accessible but just as scenic. During high season, the island is a respite to over 8000 visitors. Travel is similar to Port-Cros as you need to take a ferry or boat ride to get to the island. Once you arrive, a large handful of delicious restaurants and cute houses welcome you. The beauty of the island is having a choice between travelling by land or sea. Whether you’re exp...
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HOTEL LE MANOIR DE PORT-CROS (link) I decided to spend the rest of my summer in the Mediterranean for a nice way to spend some time in the sun and to stay away from the city. My first stop was to Port-Cros, a French island in the Mediterranean that is part of the Îles d’Hyères. The island’s warm weather is what attracts visitors year round. It’s a very cute and charming island that is just a boat ride away from the marina. There are ferries that run relatively frequently or you can rent a private boat to suit your preferences. My stay was at the Hotel Le Manoir, which was a nice backdrop to the quaint island. It was perfect...
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