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::ALL OUTFITS GOURAMI :: Week one was all about adjusting to the new schedule, meeting the new people in the whole new surrounding. Learning the words to the daily chants, familiarizing myself to literally, everything. As soon as week two came around, I was cruising. I was not only going from place to place, attending all my classes, and lectures with ease, but I found myself doing everything with a big smile on my face. Catching yourself smiling for no apparent reason is the most blissful feeling. Like everything is going just right. At the ashram, there is no pressure, no judgement, no stress, all you need to focus on is your...
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      We went to Montalcino for four nights for some wining and dining and stayed at Castello Banfi Il Borgo, a castle that sat amidst miles and miles of vineyards. The castle had a beautiful pool overlooking one of the many vineyards owned by Banfi as a backdrop for the daily sunsets I admired religiously. The wine of course was fantastic. We had a variety of red wine, and white wine and roses but most importantly, we got to try Brunello di Montalcino from different vintage, one of the most well known wines in Tuscany. The castle was also less than an hour away from the ancient city of Pienza, home of the famous Pecorino di P...
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