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THE LIFECO BODRUM (link) (instagram) The holiday season is a tempting time to indulge and gorge on alcohol and rich food, but during my stay at the LifeCo in Bodrum, Turkey, I was converted and motivated to live a raw, healthier lifestyle. I previously stayed at their Phuket location during another detox trip, and while this was another detox, the tailor-made experience was on a whole new level.  This time I participated in a seven-day retreat (other programs are available with a four-day minimum) that was made up of two green experience days and four raw vegan days made up of a 1200 calorie daily diet. Throughout the day, besid...
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  Photography by Mia Haggi   Living in Hong Kong can be a hectic experience to say the least – the crowds, the pollution, busy schedules and the occasional (or more than occasional) indulgences. It’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed, which is why I decided to visit the LifeCo retreat in Phuket, a resort that’s well known in Turkey that just opened its first branch in Asia. After checking into the retreat, I signed myself for a 4 day detox program with one full day of raw eating and one full day of a green juice cleanse. The resort was simple but  relaxing and the staff were all incredibly knowledgable and supportive (s...
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