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Calvin Klein Performance (link) Photography by ALEX CASTRO MOORE Calvin Klein Performance recently put on an event with Daybreaker, a wellness slash dance party slash movement based in New York that aims to spread gratitude, mindfulness and self expression on October 16th. It started early Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. (early for us HKers!) with a fitness segment to help us sweat off the week and ended with a dance party to get us amped for the beginning of a new one. There was yoga, combat, 90s dance/aerobics which gave us a sampler of many different kinds of exercises. The Calvin Klein Performance line is a contemporary yet func...
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:: ALL OUTFITS GOURAMI:: All good things must come to an end. My final week at Paradise Island was something I will always remember because the entire program had put me into a mental state of bliss. Unplugged and uninterrupted, I got to connect with myself and the world, an experience that is usually lost when I’m back in the busy city of Hong Kong. After four weeks of practicing yoga, I also received my yoga teaching certification which was really exciting! I don’t plan to teach but it’s a great feeling to know how to push my practice further when I do it at home. It was also an amazing experience to be with myself for an en...
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::ALL OUTFITS GOURAMI :: As soon as week three came along, I knew the rest of the trip was going to fly by. Every now and then, when I had a moment to spare, I would remind myself to stop and appreciate this experience, and to really absorb all the bliss, and inner peace this special place had to offer. To be able to stop time, and take a moment for yourself, is such a valuable skill. Especially when you live in the center of the hustle, and bustle of Hong Kong. When you work in the digital, fashion industry, where everything is fast paced, and people have short attention span. The Satsangs: The Satsangs has to be one of my fav...
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