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I’m currently writing this piece fresh from a four week unforgettable voyage from Monfalcone, Italy to Kornati, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, ending in Lefkada, Greece. Boat trips and cruise journeys can be lots of fun, but this was my first long-haul sailing journey, and I’ve never had a better time! The biggest perk about sailing is the freedom: weather permitting, you go wherever you want, whenever you want, and it’s an extremely empowering and liberating feeling that I’ve never experienced before when traveling. Including me, the crew was a small group of two, sailing a 55 foot Hallberg-Rassy. It’s essentially a floating...
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  Photography by Mia Haggi   Living in Hong Kong can be a hectic experience to say the least – the crowds, the pollution, busy schedules and the occasional (or more than occasional) indulgences. It’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed, which is why I decided to visit the LifeCo retreat in Phuket, a resort that’s well known in Turkey that just opened its first branch in Asia. After checking into the retreat, I signed myself for a 4 day detox program with one full day of raw eating and one full day of a green juice cleanse. The resort was simple but  relaxing and the staff were all incredibly knowledgable and supportive (s...
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