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The holiday season is a tempting time to indulge and gorge on alcohol and rich food, but during my stay at the LifeCo in Bodrum, Turkey, I was converted and motivated to live a raw, healthier lifestyle. I previously stayed at their Phuket location during another detox trip, and while this was another detox, the tailor-made experience was on a whole new level. 

This time I participated in a seven-day retreat (other programs are available with a four-day minimum) that was made up of two green experience days and four raw vegan days made up of a 1200 calorie daily diet. Throughout the day, beside the meals, I also drank detox soup, which was a nutritious vegetable and stayed hydrated with lots of alkaline water. It wasn’t easy having to completely change my diet and taking away some of my favorite things to eat and drink, but the benefits and consciousness of feeding my body wholesome, nutritious food far outweighed the cravings. By day 3, I noticed a huge change – I was refreshed and the bloating disappeared and my skin was left glowing. I received many compliments!

In addition to the regimented diet, the LifeCo facilities also offer many different activities to keep you healthy and relaxed. Daily colonics are available along with an infrared sauna, steam room, and detox massages. I had daily yoga and meditation sessions to help clear the mind along with three IV drips of custom vitamin concoctions to help boost all of my internal systems. The location of the spa is close to the beach for a relaxing dip in the water, but I opted to stay in to read and attend talks. 

After my seven day experience, I was feeling fit as ever. Even after leaving the medical spa, I continued a strict raw, vegan lifestyle for over three months. Not only was a great experience for my health and a good way to recharge your body and get away from the stress of city life, but it was also a great educational experience. By learning about what your body needs and understanding the importance of consciousness, you can understand what you’re putting into your body and how much it actually needs. Less is way more in this case. Although burgers can be extremely satisfying, knowing what you put in your body and how much it should have shows that sometimes we can ingest a little too much. The new regimen I learned helped me sleep better and wake up feeling fresh. The retreat is the first step, but once you see how you feel and the benefits of being in control, making better choices will come more naturally.