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During the month of August, I had the privilege of taking a trip to Switzerland for what turned into one of the most awe-inspiring trips of the year! Without any expectations, I wasn’t sure to what to expect of my summer trip to Switzerland. We took the glacier express from Zermatt to Andermatt, and while it was still summer time, it snowed the night before we arrived. When we got to Andermatt, it was like a scene out of a postcard. Everything was beautiful and magical.
In the heart of the Alpine is the Chedi Andermatt, surrounded by mountains and valleys. It’s a beautiful property with scenic, breathtaking views to match. The property is 1,447m above sea level, so besides having amazing views of the Alps, you feel high above the clouds. My favorite thing was discovering all of the great hikes and long walks available – from exploring the mountains to taking quaint walks in the town – the scenery is idyllic, and the fresh air is unparalleled. Even with such a beautiful hotel, all I wanted to do was enjoy the outdoors.
While snow sports are the main attraction during the winter season, there was plenty of other activities to choose from, including paragliding and renting a dog. We decided to do both, and it was one of the highlights of the trip. We ended up taking a dog named Blue to hike with us for the day. The hotel’s buffet breakfast is a delicious treat filled with all the cheese you’ll ever dream of. It’s the perfect way to start the day before heading out for a hike. Afterwards, the spa is the main attraction. The Finnish saunas and steam baths are a great way to relax, and the different array of treatments and massages were perfect for getting out all the knots and tension from all of our outdoor activities. I still dream about the serene spa area. And to end the day in the best way, we had dinner at the amazing Japanese restaurant at the hotel.