The best to experience the French Riviera is hands down sailing. I didn’t understand it before, but after experiencing the deep blue waters and freedom of traveling by sailboat, the allure of being the captain of your own boat and going wherever you please whenever you want has stuck with me. It’s the best way to get around the islands and see the sights sans crowds of other people. Nobody else is infringing on your experience. It’s just you, sailboat, and the open seas.

Renting a sailboat is quick and easy or you can charter a yacht. Meals on board are typically simple but using the freshest ingredients from the local areas, so it leans towards tasty Mediterranean dishes of soups, salads, and seafood. Besides being able to escape to all of the islands easily, you’re on your own schedule, traveling at your own pace. And if you feel like taking a quick dip in the water, simply hop off the sailboat and swim.