I’m all about the villa life in the Maldives, so Jared and I were in for a treat when we stayed at Ja Manafaru. After a 75 minute seaplane ride from the airport to the island, we arrived to the island, which is the last resort before the end of the Maldivian waters. The island is kept as natural as possible – they don’t pump or redistribute sand, with no plans to expand the island. Friendly staff greeted us, and we were ready to explore the property. The entire island is engulfed by soft sand, and it takes about 20 mintues to walk around the entire island. Staff are relaxed and great with kids and have an infectious island energy that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. There are a total of seven different restaurants on the property and with many activities available, we were always occupied with fun activities.

There were plenty of options for things to do with Jared. The only difficulty was choosing what to do in the short period of time that we had. We started off with snorkeling around the house reef. If you go before fish feeding time, you’ll get to see sting rays, turtles, and lots of jack fish. The pool is newly renovated and a gym is available if you want to get a sweat session in. There’s also a kid’s club that lets kids do their own thing, so while Jared had some fun, I took the chance to get the signature massage at the spa. The masseuse was great and all the products used were from Elemis.

My favorite part as always were the dining options! The Andiamo Bistro and Pool is a newly renovated project, which is great for a casual meal of fresh Mediterranean cuisine. There are jacuzzi daybeds and an enhanced jacuzzi area for maximal relaxation. There’s even a private dining area built like an island within island, with a dining deck in the middle of a pool. Other options include teppanyaki (a kid favorite as approved by Jared!), an amazing cellar that would be perfect for couples, and buffet options that have plenty of international and local choices. We had a floating in room breakfast that was great to start the day with, and on request, you can have authentic and quality Sichuan hot pot by Chef Peter from Chengdu. Another relaxing and delicious holiday for the books!