When your day to day schedule has you running all around the city taking meetings and putting together shoots and travel stories, it gives you an entirely new appreciation for going on holiday and doing absolutely nothing. I love being able to lounge around and move at my own pace and do whatever I feel like. That could be my experience at the Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus in a nutshell – a luxurious holiday spent inside the waterfront hotel. Located on the Istanbul seafront, this particular Four Season Hotel is actually a converted Ottoman palace. What could be more luxurious? It was my most sophisticated and refined hotel experience to date (though all the Four Seasons hotels are consistently amazing and attentive). The service was impeccable: everyone from the reception to concierge to room service and housekeeping was caring and thoughtful in a genuinely, friendly way. It was clear that the staff members were passionate about their jobs and cared that everything was done properly. The organic and natural amenities were a nice touch (with a touch of Bulgari products as well). Every corner of my room was flawless and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. I spent every morning savoring my breakfast from room service so I could hang in my robe a little longer and enjoy my fairytale like room. To describe it as picturesque hardly does it justice. It had extra high ceilings, huge windows and a breathtaking view of Bosphorus that included the waterfront where you could see the boats cruising up and down. I spent a lot of time people watching, catching the boats dock and leave to take people to meetings and lunch. The hotel has a designated area for boats to dock so skip the traffic and take the airport transfer by boat and take in the scenic views of Bosphorus. Two birds with one stone.

The amenities are a wide array of everything you might need on holiday (read: never leaving the hotel if I don’t have to). In Addition to an amazing spa and fitness facility, the hotel is great for families with different services to help parents and kids both have a fun holiday experience. The concierge can help with an Ottoman Mansion tour to see and appreciate Turkey’s rich history in architecture and design. Or book yourself a day for ‘A Taste of Istanbul’ where you get a full day tour of Istanbul complete with a lunch for two at the sister property for the complete flavor immersion of local tastes and delicacies. I had lunch at Aqua on my first day at the hotel and decided on the Caesar salad with grilled fresh prawns. Lunch turned into a three hour experience with the nice views of the city as my lunch date. I fell in love with the city and its energy as I watched different people come and go. No holiday is complete without spending some time at the pool of course. The pool overlooks the glittering water of Bosphorus with plenty of spots to soak up the sun. I’m craving the poolside fruit infused water on tap as we speak!



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