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All good things must come to an end. My final week at Paradise Island was something I will always remember because the entire program had put me into a mental state of bliss. Unplugged and uninterrupted, I got to connect with myself and the world, an experience that is usually lost when I’m back in the busy city of Hong Kong. After four weeks of practicing yoga, I also received my yoga teaching certification which was really exciting! I don’t plan to teach but it’s a great feeling to know how to push my practice further when I do it at home. It was also an amazing experience to be with myself for an entire month and only focus on my mental – there’s something cathartic about reconnecting with yourself in a time when we’re so connected with so many people both in real life and digitally. It was a great way to recharge and set the tone for the rest of the year.

It was nice to have a day planned out every day of the week: each hour of the day was packed with an activity so there was no time to dwell on things that weren’t necessary. Each day we practiced Asana and Pranayama yoga, which has some challenging postures but my Gourami separates were really comfortable even though the inversions sometimes were not. They’ve quickly become my favorite go to for activewear because not only do they understand the importance of fit and function, but they’re also supportive of the journey of an active lifestyle. Yoga isn’t just about stretching and exercising. It’s about understanding your body and the differences in your practice everyday and appreciating the journey, whether it’s a mental journey to accomplish a goal or a spiritual journey to reach a mindset. After graduating from the program, even though it has come to an end, I hope I can remember to apply it to everything that comes at me this year.





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