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As soon as week three came along, I knew the rest of the trip was going to fly by. Every now and then, when I had a moment to spare, I would remind myself to stop and appreciate this experience, and to really absorb all the bliss, and inner peace this special place had to offer. To be able to stop time, and take a moment for yourself, is such a valuable skill. Especially when you live in the center of the hustle, and bustle of Hong Kong. When you work in the digital, fashion industry, where everything is fast paced, and people have short attention span.

The Satsangs:
The Satsangs has to be one of my favorite part of the day. I loved the 6 am, and 8 pm silent meditation. The educational, inspiring talks given by world renowned guest speakers. The daily chanting that seemed slightly intimidating at first, but later became almost euphoric, once you learn the words and all.

Two vegetarian meals:
I must admit, because there were only two meal offered a day, I did panic. I feared hunger like the plague. But what you do realize is that it’s easy to confused needs with wants, and vice versa. It is only recently that I began to understand this simple idea. I tend to what I want most of the times, without giving thought to what is in fact, good for me. But hey, you live and you learn.



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