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Seasoning at Ritz Carlton Hotel Wedding Showcase 2016

I enjoyed orchestrating the Sprout Team’s work at the backstage. Thanks to Sprout Team for the great team work to realize the looks on the models and spread our bridal beauty – timeless, reflecting individuality & glowing air-light skin. So touched to see how the Sprout Team Vivian and Wensty both trained at the same year of batch at our Apprentice Program. Both were lead to blossom their own character/dreams while spreading the beauty philosophy of Seasoning. Happy for their colorful journey! Inspired by Monique Lhuillier gown design, I customized a face design of air-light neutral with touch of irridiscent copper/peach/pink f...
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InterCon Luxury Wedding Showcase-Part I

Having been very low key and working with our passion in bridal styling for the past 10 years, we accepted the invitation of InterCon Hotel to unveil more about our unique “Couture” bridal styling approach and our bridal beauty philosophy to more women.. On the day, my Sprout Team was at backstage in action!  Working on the make-up styling for all models. Adrenaline up up… Set up finished… Tiffany, our bride more than 9 yrs ago. Taking photo in front of her wedding photo at our backdrop. Representing our bridal beauty philosophy – timeless and stay true. Thanks Tiffany for dropping by!!
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Capture of Love & Memories in a Wedding

My tears flooded and heart squeezed, even after I viewed the photos of the bride Felicia again and again. Not only I, but also my lil Jaime is so proud of Papa capturing the love and beautiful memories for the wedding of Felicia. Jaime will know Papa did a meaningful mission, while he was missing Papa the whole day over Papa’s pillow.!/pages/AnAnt-Capture/117940328267394 “Felicia is one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever photo-shot. She truly understands what’s the most important in a wedding. She was very relaxed and enjoyed every moments with her family and love ones. She let herself indulged ...

Proud of My Second Team. The Root of Seasoning Apprentices.

It happened that I’m on long holiday break and preparing for a new stage of my life. Some bridal job assignments have been carried out by my second team.  Thinking that I was very stubborn that I didn’t plan to take any apprentice when I started my own studio 6 years ago, after having experienced frustration during training make-up stylists for cosmetic brands for several years.  An encounter changed me. Among receiving several enquiries on requesting I accept them as apprentices in my studio, there is a lady who showed great passion in this industry.  She seemed to be specially understand my passion and my mission with Seas...
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