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East meets West Wedding

Enjoyed so much today with Kathleen Sweeney, the bride with wisdom and beauty. Love the very chic apartment, the lovely bridesmaids with bubbles and the relaxed mood!! With the background of Fashion, Kathleen picked a very unique lace corset and champagne gown from Monique Lhuelier. Waiting for the bride Kathleen, to touch her up before banquet. Beautiful cocktail under sunset. Relaxed bride indulging herself with friends& family in the sea of love & joy… With Kathleen’s mixed background of Japanese and Western, they used a east meets west theme, modern and fun decoration.
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Aromatic Wedding. A Beautiful Orchestra of Seasoning Team.

Together with almost the whole Sprout Team, we started the styling for the bride,7 bridesmaids and mom at 6:00am. Like a beautiful and fun orchestra! Thanks to Sprout Team for the great teamwork and for praying. Blessed that my back was feeling better and my work on the bride was very smooth! Blessed to have my team!! Inspired by the elegance of the bride’s Vera Wang gown silhouette and the bride’s youthful beauty, I customized a face palette and hair design to blends in. We also customized the face and hair design for every bridesmaid. Thanks to my Sprout Team for the excellent execution on the bridesmaids! The Veranda wa...

Bridal Beauty, by my apprentice Sprout Team.

Touched whenever I met someone who truly appreciates my bridal beauty philosophy. Even more touched, when this philosophy is spread out by my apprentices in Sprout Team. Thanks to Gayang for sharing these photos and warm notes from Auz “Caroline, I am so happy that I have stumbled across Seasoning during my wedding research – it’s not easy to find someone who share the same belief and outlook on beauty. I love your design and it really complimented my personality. And Josephine was a legend that day, she was extremely supportive and patient with me. I’m so glad you both were part of my memories of our special day. ” I rememb...
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