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At Hong Kong Tatler x Kerry Hotel Wedding Showcase

Our Seasoning team is honored to be invited by Hong Kong Tatler for doing the bridal make-up on the models of the catwalk featuring gowns of Audella Bridal and Trinity Bridal.   Caroline customized a sophisticated makeup design with a touch of the underglow trends and a twist of lip options for the runway theme. She orchestrated our Sprout Team for the execution of this look. A bit of challenging attempt for Caroline’s new make-up design theme. Very basic palette yet sophistication on the detail texture and dimension. Thanks to Sprout Team for taking this new challenge (away from your “comfort zone’) and test your skills to t...
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A Bride, in Emilio Pucci/Valentino?

One of my favorite brides! Carmen was very relaxed and the couple truly understands the essence of a wedding/marriage. Carmen had a lovely small celebration with close family filled with kids’ laughter, at the back of Groom’s home at pool side. Customized a palette for Carmen to match the sheen under sunshine and water-painting sky & mountain. THanks to Rico ( for capturing the beautiful scene. Sealed the memory for the family!! Carmen, didn’t go for a wedding gown. Stunning choice of dress- Confident, Wisdom, Sweet. Inspired by her pick of this Emilio Pucci, beautiful sheen of the texture and intelligent ...
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InterCon Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase – Encounters

Met Solomon, one of my favorite floral artists!! Happy to know someone who share the same passion at work, all these years. Solomon, keep it up!! And thanks for leading me aroma journey of ‘paper white’ flowers, n they’ll fill up my studio tomorrow… At last met, Tanarak, a very impressive photojournalistic approach wedding photographer. Event Ended. Thanks to my hubby Rico for all the support & for the graphic design!  Thanks to Pat, our studio nanny for the great support despite using up her Sunday time with kids. Thanks to Joanne, Jo, May, Freda n Irene for the wonderful work on models and for the help! Had so much fun wit...
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InterCon Luxury Wedding Showcase-Peeping at the Backstage

I enjoyed creating these face designs for the models & the backstage allocation plans. Thanks to the wonderful execution by the Sprout Team on the models! Love the team work! Leading our Sprout Team at the backstage, I was facilitating the “orchestra”, smoothing out the team and the models.
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InterCon Luxury Wedding Showcase-Part I

Having been very low key and working with our passion in bridal styling for the past 10 years, we accepted the invitation of InterCon Hotel to unveil more about our unique “Couture” bridal styling approach and our bridal beauty philosophy to more women.. On the day, my Sprout Team was at backstage in action!  Working on the make-up styling for all models. Adrenaline up up… Set up finished… Tiffany, our bride more than 9 yrs ago. Taking photo in front of her wedding photo at our backdrop. Representing our bridal beauty philosophy – timeless and stay true. Thanks Tiffany for dropping by!!
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