A dream comes true on my home dining table. Thank you for experimenting these online beauty classes with me every week since March 2020. When many of you sent me thank you messages that your hearts are lightened and are reminded of the joyful beautiful things after these classes during this special time period of staying-home staying-safe, I would like to thank you for reminding me to keep living my passion and the mission God had given me in Seasoning. Let’s all stay strong and live our passion!

My photographer hubby can’t help moving his studio light to our home to help the clarity of my demo. Thanks to my son zipping his mouth when I was hosting class, though he surprised us by cracking laugh a few times watching his YouTube on the side. I miss going back to my studio in Central!

To have a peep on which nontoxic clean cosmetic brands I used on demo at the plates of our last sessions.

Sharing more of my new insights and revolutionary approach of nontoxic clean ingredient makeup to our Seasoning community. You may follow our facebook page Seasoning Community.